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Everything you needed to

know about color &
paint but were never taught

•Hue, Value, Chroma

•Gray Scale Gradations

•Nature's Colors & Impressionism

•Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Gauche

•Seeing, Mixing & Painting Color

When:6 Saturdays (October 3-November 21)

Where: The Artist Attic, 511 N. Main, Phoenix

Cost: $60

SIGN UP at the Artist Attic or call 541-512-0040

Oil Painting for Beginners with Richard. $15 each session.

Saturdays,   1pm – 3pm.
Call for more information. 541-512-0040

ScrappyCraft, The Artist Attic

is happy to introduce our new Watercolor teacher
Nancy Graham.  Read More....

Nancy brings with her many years of her education in watercolor, her experience and her knowledge in teaching.  She teaches all levels of Students, from the beginner to the independent artist making it affordable at all levels. She offers skills in all areas of watercolor including, floral painting, birds, landscapes, figures, and color theory.  She will also be hosting an independent study group. We are so glad to have her add youth classes to our offerings.

Check our website for some of her accomplishments and paintings.

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