Austin Maloney

Still Life in Oils

Austin Maloney is a classically trained impressionist oil painter living and working in Southern Oregon. He spent two years studying with Semyon Bilmes founder of Atelier Maui, and has also taken workshops from numerous artists including Thomas Blackshear, Eric Bowman, and Frank Ordaz.

This 4 week class will be to introduce newcomers to the world of still life oil painting, as well as helping seasoned artists further develop their craft. We will be painting still life's from direct observation. There will be various still life set ups ranging in complexity. Each class will begin with a demonstration, then Austin will assist students individually and demonstrate further techniques where needed. For those who are pursuing portrait, or landscape painting, still life is a foundational step in the development of these pursuits.  

Class Fee $50.00 for the 4 week sesson - Thursday Evenings 6:00 - 8:00

Class size is limited to the first 10 students and is secured by $50 class fee being paid upfront

Please pay through the Artist Attic or to Austin directly via paypal

Contact Austin Maloney or the Artist Attic at Scrappy Craft for questions, to sign up, pay for the class, and/or class supply list

Austin Maloney -- Phone: 541-890-7939 -- E-mail: or


Calligraphy Teacher

Maurice Logue has been teaching calligraphy for over 37 years. He was born in Belfast and came to the United States in 1980. He is a senior instructor for the Calligraphy Guild. He took up calligraphy after retiring from 25 years in the military in Ireland.

Come learn from the very best!

Maurice is offering an 8 week Saturday Calligraphy class, "Uncial without tears"

This class will focus on the Unical hand and the variations of calligraphy techniques to enhance its look.

 January 13th through March 3rd

Every Saturday 10 am - 12 pm

Cost is $64 for the 8 week session

This is not an introductory class, attending students should have a basic knowledge of calligraphy.

Please contact Maurice Logue for more information & to sign up.

P: 541-897-0410 or E:

Instructors & Classes:

Terri L. Regotti

Acrylic, Pastel, Color Pencil, Mix Media

Terri is an award winning artist and teacher whose work has been collected for as long as she has taught (over 30 years). Her students have ranged in age from 3 to 93! Terri has taught in the public and private school of Florida where she lived until 2016. She is thrilled to be in the beautiful Rogue Valley. Terri currently teacher at RCC through the Department of Community Education. She regularly offers private art lessons and professional critiques. Terri is an extremely versatile artist who works in mixed media, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, color pencils, clay, ect. She was raised in Pennsylvania and in 1984 she graduated from out nation's number one visual art school, the Rhode Island School of Design. Taking a class with Terri means that one will be responsible for conceptual thinking and applying one's own creativity. Terri's strengths include: patience, guidance, kindness, showing students how she uses a medium and critiquing which she views as one of the most important aspects of the art process. Terri is very happy to teach all that she knows to students at The Artist Attic. If you have an idea for a class, inquire, as she probably can teach it! Terri's classes will be on-going and you can come to a class anytime! All levels are welcome.

Acrylic: As a professional artist, I will teach you all that I know! Since all students will be at different levels, I want to make sure that students have an understanding of color theory. So if you have not ever made a color wheel, that will be a basic beginning project. I want to make sure that students understand the acrylic medium, so exploration of acrylics will happen with teacher assigned projects. Students May also begin painting their own ideas and subject matter which they are interested in and I am there to help guide through critique and/or demonstration. More information including class dates, contact info, and supply lists can be found [Insert Link to Acrylic Flyer].

Pastels & Colored Pencil: We are working with vibrant color in three different mediums: oil pastel, chalk pastel and color pencil. Color theory techniques will be taught with all three mediums. Students may choose to try all mediums or focus on one. Students may explore their own subject matter or chose to have teacher assigned projects and subject matter. More information including class dates, contact info, and supply lists can be found [Insert Link to Pastels/Color Pencil Flyer].

Paper-Mache/Mixed Media: Paper- Mache (French, "for chewed the paper") is an extremely versatile medium in which you can create practically anything. In fact, the French, as early as the 1600's, were making furniture out of it. Because it is a glue and paper technique, collage and/or mixed media can also be explored on a 2-D surface in this class. I will teach students about the history of the medium and show you the steps for creating a 2-D and/or 3-D project of your choosing. More information including class dates, contact info, and supply lists can be found [Insert Link to Paper Mache/Mixed media Flyer].

All Classes are on-going, so you may jump in at any time!

Please Contact Terri for more Information P: 541-500-1319 or E:

“Bookit” Mini in Mini
Description: Here’s an easy mini book you fold together. But we’re going to do it twice and then ink, tuck, cut, fold and embellish, boiling those creative juices for fun! 

Oriental Offerings
Description: Hero Arts stamps offer unique designs that lend themselves to a myriad of creative possibilities. Come and make 3 cards using a variety of different techniques.


Copic Markers

Like many crafters today, Marti Arrell tried many different mediums until she found just the right fit. 

Throughout her life she has always been involved with some kind of craft.  As a child, she started with embroidery, then moved on to crochet and knitting when she got married.  From there, she got into crewel embroidery and started dabbling in quilting while attending college.  She progressed to tole and china painting when her girls were little, and eventually went back to quilting when her smallest started school full time.  Marti also started the Azalea Quilters Guild in Brookings, which is still going strong today.  After all the many different crafts Marti had been involved in, it wasn’t until she picked up a rubber stamp for the first time that she found her true love – card making and ATC’s.  She took that passion and bought a rubber stamp and scrapbooking store, Creating Lasting Memories, in Brookings.  She owned the shop for 6 ½ years and then sold it back to the original owner, who still has the business to this day.

After moving to Medford several years ago, Marti found she really missed the companionship of fellow crafters and decided to get back into teaching.  She is currently teaching Introduction to Copics, which will be a beginning class as well as a refresher course for those who have previously attended a beginning class.  Unlike most beginning Copic classes taught, she will not only introduce the student to the markers, but then immediately guide them in creating their first Copic colored card.  She hopes to continue to teach a Copic card every month.  Marti has her Standard and Intermediate Copic Certification certificates, as well as her certificates from Copic Workshops from 2013 and 2014. 


Kristen has been creating since the beginning of time – (or so it seems) From east to west, north to south; gluing, coloring, cutting stamping, stitching, baking, throwing words, ideas, paper, pieces & parts together in the constant attempt to find the unique among the day to day machinations of real life.

Kristen Teaches:

The Artist Attic at ScrappyCraft   541-512-0040 / 511 N. Main, Phoenix, Or.97535

Jean Hanna

Anyone Can Draw

Jean Hanna has taught art for 20 years, all ages, all medias. She is certified by the State of Oregon to teach art and taught 16 years in the Eugene School District. She is now interested in providing opportunities for fun with art with older adults including with people experiencing some physical challenges. The class is open to anyone, any level. But she really wants to encourage beginners. You are never too old to make art!

This class will teach the basic skills that can be used to draw anything, still life objects, animals, landscape objects, and people. Jean will draw with students to show them how. After mastering the beginning skills, students may bring in something that they would like to draw. 

Class Fee $12.00 - Wednesday 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Bring to Class: Pencils, erasers, colored pencils, sketch pad 9 x12

Please call to sign up. All supplies are available for sale at the Artist Attic



Book Binding 

Soft Cover Books: Soft Cover books come in infinite variety and are wonderful in themselves as well as being the first step to more complex books.  Learn to make 4 soft cover books working from the simple to the more complex.  These books can be used for gifts, poetry, trip journals greeting cards, small photo albums, mixed media art/writing. All supplies will be provided.  Extras will be available for purchase at Scrappy Craft during class.  If  you have paper you want to use, please bring it with you. All directions and templates will be provided in a folder for you to take home.  Books include: single signature, easiest journal ever, compound hinge and a stitched ribbon book.

Accordian Books: Accordian Books come in all sizes and styles with infinite variations based on a single fold.  They are easy to more complex and make for wonderful cards, multimedia formats as well as hold photos, poems and stories.  We will make 4 different accordian books during this class including open and closed accordian books , a hard cover accordian and a surprise accordian book that will delight you.  If we have time, we may even make a box to hold your surprise accordian book.
All directions and templates will be included in a  folder for you to take home.  All supplies will be provided.  Extras will be available for purchase at Scrappy Craft during class.  If  you have paper you want to use, please bring it with you.

Soft Cover Books: January 13th, 1:00 - 5:00, $40.00

Accordian Books: January 27th, 1:00 - 5:00, $40.00

All supplies provided. If you have, please bring, a ruler, pencil. bone folder, and an awol.

Please call the Artist Attic at Scrappy Craft to sign up 541-512-0040

Sam Fung

Portrait Drawing Class

Learn the fundamental skill using the right side of the brain to draw!

Bring a photo, magazine cutout of a face or object you want draw!

Instructor: Sam Fung 541-301-8028
Supplies are included in the class - Cost is $15 per person

Portrait Drawing Class : November ​4th, 11th, 18th 2017 2-4 PM

Please call us at 541-512-0040 to sign up for the class.


Cindy Hernandez

Certified Zentangle Instructor 

I've lived in the Rogue Valley for almost 30 years. I am married to a wonderful man and work as a nurse at a local hospital. I live with a menagerie of cats and dogs. I am a Master Gardener and I've just started keeping bees! I love to paint and draw but when I discovered Zentangle I fell in love. No artistic "talent" is needed. Truly, it's an artform that anyone can do and enjoy. I am a Certified Zentangle Instructor(CZT) authorized to sell Zentangle products. As classes progress we will explore more intricate tangles and "ZIA"s (Zentangle Inspired Art)

ATC Workshop
Description: Come and play with ATC’s (Altered Trading Cards). You can create, swap, experiment and play with these fun, unique, petite pieces of art. Each week will be something new.

Nancy Graham


Nancy is a graduate of the Design Department at UC Davis and holds a secondary teaching credential in Art and English.  Unfortunately, her teaching career was brief due to moving about for her husband’s career, and soon thereafter she was busy raising twin boys.  Her desire for painting in oils and acrylics, which was also encouraged by her artist mother, had to take a backseat in those early years and it wasn’t until 4 ½ years ago that the interest was rekindled, but his time watercolor became her passion.  She has studied with two instructors in the Grants Pass area and signs up for every workshop that scheduling will permit.   Her paintings have taken many first place ribbons and People’s Choice awards in local studio shows as well as the Josephine County Fair.    She is a Past President of the Josephine County Artists Association, a member of the Rogue Gallery, the Grants Pass Museum of art and the Southern Oregon Society of Artists.  Eager to share her watercolor  passion with others , she looks forward to working with the folks at The Artist Attic to bring affordable, interesting and challenging classes to the Southern Rogue Valley.

All Classes are on-going, so you may jump in at any time!

Please Contact Nancy for more Information P: 541-779-1697 or E:


Diane's Cards

Anyone can do this, asserts Diane Wiggins regarding her favorite pastime.

It doesn’t require artistic ability, an elaborate art studio, computer software, or even a computer.

Yet, upon viewing the greeting cards Wiggins hand-fashions in her Eagle Point home, observers marvel at the results–intricate beauty and professionalism that rivals Hallmark’s finest.

To employ her skill, Wiggins redefines the expression, “rubber stamp.” A simple image—either of rubber or pliable acrylic—glued onto a wooden or solid acrylic block, forms the foundation on which she builds. She applies ink, then stamps the basic design pattern onto card stock. Utilizing individual touches, she may add special or 3-dimensional effects. These might be produced through crimper tools, jewel-simulating metallic brads, colorful paints, and markers.“I liked this so much, I wanted to get others to enjoy it too,” Wiggins said of the craft she embarked upon circa 1998. “There’s something about creating a card, and having somebody receive and enjoy it, that evokes a person’s ‘inner child.’”

Over a decade ago, at the behest of a craft store proprietor in Southern California, she started teaching card making to their other customers. Wiggins has since provided instruction in central California, Hawaii, and Oregon, as well. An Oregonian for almost four years now, she taught at Scrapbook King, her part-time employer in Medford, from 2007 until they closed in September of 2009.Currently she teaches hands-on courses of 2½ hours’ duration, either in her local residence, or at Scrappy Crafts in Phoenix., Oregon.

Classes are priced at just $20 each - Open for groups of six to eight adults.

For more details, or to register, contact Diane Wiggins at (541) 826-8984

Teaching is Easy

at ScrappyCraft

We are always looking for qualified teachers for Drawing, Sketching, Painting in Oils, Acrylics and Watercolors, Pastels, Printmaking, Book Making, Card Making, and more!  ScrappyCraft instructors teaching classes jobs, see their online art gallery.

Please Note: Teachers are autonomous from the store & are not employed by the store to teach.

Call: 541-512-0040 or E-Mail: for details.


Follow this link and fill out our Instructor Class Registration form, and someone from our staff will contact you soon.

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